What to bring

What to bring to the Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour?  Well starting with the basics you need a bike and a helmet.  If you don't have your own bikes, limited rentals from Vedder Mountain Bike Co.  are available on-site. Otherwise, you may rent a bike in Harrison Hot Springs at Jaimie's Quadracyle (1.604.796.3056) quadracycles, The Harrison Beach Hotel (1.604.796.1111) www.harrisonbeachhotel.com , and the Glencoe Motel (1.604.796.2574) www.glencoemotel.com.  Or, visit Vedder Mountain Bike Co. in Chilliwack. You need to reserve ahead of time. www.vmbc.ca

To enjoy the ride consider the following:

Prepare for the weather.  Depending on the weather you may want to bring sun screen, a jacket, poncho or rain gear.  This is an all weather event and while it takes place in July, well the west coast being the west coast, anything can happen in terms of weather.

Food and water.  While many of the stops provide great food and drinks you may want to bring your own water and snacks for the rides in between stops. You are encouraged to bring your own reusable water bottle, plate, knife, fork and spoon to help keep the amount of garbage down. 

Bring your boyscout bike kit.  Flat tires and chain derailments happen so bring a pump and patch kit.  Don't know how to repair a tire?  Ask a passing biker or walk to the next farm and hopefully someone can help you there. 

No pets please.  While everyone loves your dog, the tour is not a good place to bring them.  Its a 25k course and on a hot day the pavement is brutal on tender paws.  In additon, most farmers don't appreciate strange dogs chasing their livestock around and so please do not bring your dog to this event.

Enjoy the ride and stay safe.  Its pretty hard to get lost on our tour but if you do stay calm and cycle on.  The route map will help you find your way and we have placed route signs at all major intersections.  If all else fails look around for other bikers and whatever you do make sure you enjoy the great scenery, the fresh country air and always remember stay to the right and ride defensively.