Farm House Natural Cheeses

We  specialize in handmade artisan cheeses from the farm’s own grass fed cow and goat milk.

In these fast-moving times of global markets and industrial food production, it is our wish to nurture and preserve the increasingly-threatened values and traditions of the family farm, and give visitors the opportunity to connect with the farmer and the animals who produce their food.
Surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, happy goats and cows graze the fields to produce the rich fresh milk used for the cheeses made in our on-farm creamery.

Enjoy a stroll around the farm, meet the farmer and the animals!

Sample a range of our cheeses at a special table outside the building.  The farm shop is open to purchase our whole range of cheeses and dairy products, and also gelati and cold drinks to refresh you for the rest of the tour. Be sure to take advantage of the Shopping Shuttle to stock up on Farm House cheeses!